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Salmon Summer Fling KONG Stuffing Recipe

By Kong

A photo of a chopping board with frest salmon, green beans and mint on.  along with a Classic red KONG.
Salmon Summer Fling KONG Stuffing Recipe

It'll be hard to keep your paws off this amazing Salmon Summer Fling KONG stuffing recipe. A fling your dog won't mind taking apart with mint, carrots, green beans, peanut butter, and salmon. Easy to make and easy to eat.




Green Bean

Peanut Butter

Dog-Safe Baby Food



Step One: Cut all the veggies into pieces.

Step Two: Mix the veggies, mint, peanut butter, and dog-safe baby food together in a bowl.

Step Three: Stuff the mixture into your KONG Classic.

Ask The Vet

Green beans are a great low-calorie treat to offer dogs with the added benefit of helping them feel full with their fibre content. Dog-safe baby foods can be enticing and are considered safe as long as they are protein-based with no garlic, onions, or grapes.

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