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Banana Cheesecake KONG Stuffing Recipe


a photo of a classic KONG  with bananas, biscuits and cream cheese.
Banana cheesecake kong stuffing recipe

Finally, a KONG stuffing as sweet as your dog. This banana cheesecake recipe is great for stuffing into your classic KONG, crust to filling, and your dog will finally have a chance to indulge themselves after dinner. Remember, cheesy does it!


½-1 cup of Dog Treats of Choice

2 tsp of Salmon Oil

1 Tbsp of Cream Cheese

1 Tbsp of Plain Yogurt

½ Banana (Sliced)


Step One: Blend the dog treats until they are a fine powder. Mix the powder with the salmon oil.

Step Two: Place the mix at the bottom of the KONG Classic to form the “Cheesecake crust”.

Step Three: Mix the cream cheese, plain yoghurt, and banana together. Place this mixture on top of the crust.

Step Four: Add some crust to the top or a slice of banana to garnish, or place in the freeze to give your dog an extra challenge.


Low-fat yoghurt is high in protein, calcium and acts as a probiotic to help support a healthy digestive tract for pets that are tolerant of dairy products.

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