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Apple Peanut Butter

By Kong

Everyone's favourite after-school snack can now be given to your pup in the form of a KONG stuffing. The salty, sweet flavours of KONG's Peanut Butter Easy Treat combine with fresh apples and dog treats of choice to melt away the stress of a long day at training school.


Dog Treats of Choice

KONG Peanut Butter Easy Treat

Greek Yogurt

Chopped Apple


Step One: Chop the apples into pieces half the width of the opening of the KONG.

Step Two: Fill your KONG, layering the treats, the Peanut Butter Easy Treat, greek yoghurt, and more Peanut Butter Easy Treat.

Step Three: Finish with the chopped apples and more treats.


Low-fat yoghurt is high in protein, calcium and acts as a probiotic to help support a healthy digestive tract for pets that are tolerant of dairy products.

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