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Liam's MOB

In 2015 there was a launch to crack down on dog bites within the UK. The NHS released a statistic showing that 60% of bites were to men. This could be to a wide range of reasons, but Liam wanted to help educate and reduce this number. Alongside Sarah Fisher, who is a Tellington Touch Instructor, dog trainer, Author and behaviour counsellor, they set up Liam’s MOB, which stands for Men On Board.

Liam recognised that there could be several different reasons for the higher number of bites, ranging from men playing a bit rough to some men can be a little bit harsher on dogs. Through educating and promoting force-free positive reinforcement training, Liam’s MOB has grown, with some amazing MOBesters and MOBette trainers involved.

Liam is so passionate about using positive reinforcement training for training any kind of animal.

"If you can train a dog, you can train anything"

Liam has had the amazing opportunity to help train cows, chickens, tigers, silverbacks, sheep and many other animals. He feels that there’s no need for intimidation or dominance towards dogs, even if it works, as you create a fear factor. Liam would rather create a strong bond with a dog instead of a dog doing something for you because they don't want to get hurt instead.

If you would like more information on this type of training or to become a MOBester or a MOBette by promoting positive training, then please get in contact.

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